Monday, December 2, 2013


it was really hard to come back to normal life after that long thanksgiving break (post to follow soon)

i reluctantly opened my planner to have an overwhelming rush of stress take over my body. I look at all the tiny notes that say "paper due" and "exam" and "final project". I want to crawl in a hole and disappear until it is all over.

but can we just take a minute to realize that i have 4 more days of class until i never have to go to school again?!?!? (well, at least to be the student)

my undergrad career will be done.
i will be student teaching the coolest bunch of 7th and 9th graders ever. But seriously. i love them.

I will be done with school in no time. But until then, i might be a little scarce around here. I have a lot to be focusing on right now and blogging might not be very high on my list of priorities.

But i promise i will try and check in enough to let you know that i am alive.

And to leave you, here is a picture of the cutest 2 year old ever.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

and yes.

around the castagno residence, it is christmas time. Don't judge, but i have had it up since the first week of november. i think that thanksgiving and christmas are basically the same holiday. Also, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the christmas season just makes me happy. i smile more. i try to get less stressed out, even though family around the holidays seems to add a lot of unneeded stress.

and yes, i need a tree skirt. i told myself that i would make one last year... and i just haven't gotten around to it yet. hopefully me sister-in-law courtney and i will make one soon.

and yes, i am one of those girls who is obsessed over pumpkin everything. we made pumpkin cookies the other night and tony has made this pumpkin cheesecake that we found on pinterest. it is TO DIE FOR. im not lying when i say that we could eat it all in one sitting. it might have ruined my love for pumpkin pie because the cheesecake it so good. Ill share the recipe soon because im a blogger and i need to give it its own post with plenty of pictures.

and yes, i DO have less than a month of college ever! i am freaking out a little bit.. ok A LOT! i mean, all i know is how to be a student. now i have to become a real teacher? i have almost 200 students who are depending on me to teach them. their knowledge depends on me and i would be lying if i said i wasnt terrified.

and yes, i am avoiding school work so that i can blog.

you're welcome.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My super-duper sexy, Bronco's loving, beard growing husband had a birthday last week! He is 24! Can you believe it? For some reason, that just feels so old to me. Like that he is going to start greying next month and get knee and back aches and start yelling at youths to behave and respect their elders.

On his actual birthday, I ditched my morning classes so we could snuggle in bed a little longer than normal. Sadly, I had class until 7:40 that night, so we have a late dinner. Tony made steaks and mashed potatoes. Im sure there was a vegetable somewhere on our plates.

(Yes, I know what you are all thinking. "Wow. Jen is such an awful wife. She didn't even make him a birthday dinner. She made him cook on his OWN birthday. She should have to give back her pearls")

Calm down ladies. Tony is a weird guy and absolutely LOVES to cook. Which works great for me because I HATE to cook. I baked him a cake and bought him presents instead. We both agree that this is much better.

The candles make out a 24. Can you even tell? So the next day is when we actually celebrated his birthday. I made him breakfast (whhhaaaa??) I made the one thing I am good at: Eggs Benedict. Fancy. Then we went to some gun stores to look at guns, which is one of his presents that he gets to go pick out. We went shopping and then saw Thor. We drove up to Salt Lake and had dinner at Cheesecake Factory with a couple of his friends and their wives. It is always a great time when we all get together. And Tony got completely embarrassed when everyone sang happy birthday to him.

Tony is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. He makes me smile every single day and I cannot get over how lucky I am to have him.

I love you Tony!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

So it is Halloween time! I like Halloween because once it's over, it marks the beginning of the Christmas season! (but that is a post for another day. Specifically November 1st)

This year, Tony and I did our first COUPLE COSTUME! Last year, we sat home and watched Zombieland. Lame. So this year we wanted to do something. Since we are in a new ward that is totally awesome, we decided to get all dressed up for our ward Halloween party.

Our costume inspiration came to us as we were ditching class and eating at Red Robin for lunch. Ther have all those cool, old pictures hanging up on the walls. We glanced over and saw some WWII propaganda next to our table. One was the Uncle Sam "I want you!" poster and the other was the Rosie the Riveter "We can do it!" poster.

Luckily, we had a lot of the costume already (besides the top hat).

here is our look.

I think we nailed it.

and i loved rocking that red lipstick and poofy hair.
i now want more reasons to dress like this.

On another halloween note, we carved pumpkins at tony's cousin' house for fhe.
and i carved the cutest little owl ever.

im always thankful that my awesome sister-in-law courtney brings her camera everywhere!
(go check out her blog. she has awesome red hair)
she snapped these awesome action shots of the night.
sadly, there are none of her.
life of a photographer.

 Tony did a storm trooper. of course.
but that's why i love him



Monday, October 21, 2013

an apology.

Dear readers,

I am so so sorry that it has been over a month since my last post. I know that everyone has crazy lives, but mine just got a little out of hand and i needed to cut some things. Blogging was the first to go. Today, i got onto blogger for the first time in a long time and started to feel sad. I missed blogging. I love it (sometimes) and just couldn't do anything else today until i sat down and wrote a post. This is the first step in coming back to this weird community of blogs aka blogosphere. so much has happened that i dont dare to try and shove it all into one post, so i PROMISE i will be more consistent. i PROMISE! and if i dont, i give you the right to leave hateful comments all over my blog. ok.. not too hateful. Something like "oh gosh jen, whyyy???? i love you so much and you are breaking my heart!". you know, the normal blog comments.

And i have been debating changing my blog title. Cause ya know, im ADD and cant decide on a freaking title. But i have one in mind, but i am so stupid at creating a new title. So who wants to volunteer to give my blog a makeover? now, im broke so i cant pay you in real money, but would baked goods be worth it? eh? think about it.

anyway, so here is my dilemma. in my bloglovin, i have 450 unread blog post from people i follow. Do i dare try and read through all of them, or do i just mark them all as read and move on wit my life. Im not sure. If you are reading this, then i porbably follow your blog too. So it's up to you. Do you want me to read your stuff or would you not give a rats butt if i just ignored them all. Keep in mind i have two jobs, am going to school full time, and in all my glorious spare time am teaching 7th and 9th graders English. So ill take a poll and let you fabulous readers decide.

i love you all and hope you will believe me that i will be back.
Dang. this post was hard to write.
heavy content.
here's a picture to make things better.
it has a cat in it so it should make everyone smile.
ps. im thinking about dying my hair reddish. kinda like the picture. what do you think?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

back to school

today, i had full intentions of going to the gym after school. but somehow i found myself at the sonic drive-thru, ordering a dr. pepper and some onion rings.

you see, today was my last first day of school. at least as a student. and gosh dangit, i thought i deserved a treat.

i will have plenty of first days of school when i am a teacher. oh how the tables have turned. i had some major anxiety as i was walking to school this morning. i have felt so comfortable here at byu. i know the campus. i know the lingo. i know what to expect. i even had a little freshmen ask me where a building was. i felt so all-knowing and powerful. and old.....

i have spent the last 4 years at byu and am going to miss it so much. (when i have to leave in 4 months). but thinking about leaving and having to be a real grown up, well.. it scares the crap out of me. what if no one wants to hire me? what if my students hate me? what if i cry in front of them?

i dont know if i am ready to grow up yet?

anyone else having these feelings?

tell me im normal....

Monday, August 26, 2013

quick update + miley cyrus

every blog post starts with "sorry i have been MIA"

but really.

i have been gone a lot. and when i am back home, i just want to spend time with tony. for some odd reason, i blog a lot better when i am in school. i think it is because it gives me something to do instead of homework. so it will be better in about a week. i promise.

but i will be moving this week. tony and i are going to be managers for an apartment complex. aka free rent! holla! so this week might be a tad cray cray at the castagno residences.

before i go into my week long hiatus, let's talk about miley cyrus at the VMA's

dear miley,

umm... really? i feel so awkward for you. put that tongue back in your mouth. put some clothes on. get some self respect. and please stop twerking.

and why do you think you can do your hair like 90's gwen stefani. no. just, no. 

i know your song says "we wont stop" but please, please STOP. the whole smith family is disgusted. and so is the rest of america. 

so miley, please take a look at yourself and reevaluate your life. i used to like you...  you have me and everyone else disturbed. stop it. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

questions for bloggers/ why i dont want kids.. right now.

i need some new blogs to follow.
so leave your recommendations in the comments.
i have like my normal ones where i am truly invested in their lives,
but i need some new stuff.
preferably funny.

on another note, i am back in vegas AGAIN. this time i am watching my other brother's kids for ten days while they are in cancun. (thanks for the invite). i get to pretend to be a single mother of 3 precious children (tony is still in provo). Luke is 7. Mia is 5. Chloe is 3.

confession time.
dont judge me

it is going.. ok.. the kids are great. i love these little kids to death. they are super easy. very nice. way too well behaved. who wouldnt want that?.... well.. i miss having ME time. like, when do moms have time to paint their nails? Yes, this is a serious issue for me. And why dont children sleep in? I mean, getting woken up at 6:30 every morning so I can help them get milk out of the fridge is getting ridiculous. keep in mind that i totally have insomnia and dont fall asleep until about 2 or 3 every night. I'm tired. and I'm selfish

not to mention, the 3-year-old, Chloe, is afraid to poop in the toilet. so i get to sit on the ground in the bathroom for 45 minutes, listening to her scream, and attempting to get her to drop a log. she definitely hates me this week. watching someone else's kids is very good birth control.

tony and i have been married for a year and lots of people assume that we should start having kids now.  And the more I am around these kids and having to do the duties of a mother, i have realized that there should be no rush to have babies. once you have kids, your life will never be the same. and honestly, i think i am a little too selfish right now.

i am by no means bashing women with kids. there is no set age limit when you are supposed to have children. my sister-in-law has been married to my brother for 10 years and they just had their FIRST baby. every persons timeline is different. that all being said, i DO want kids. i want a little baby that will be all mine. that i made. i want to make my daughters wear ridiculous headbands that have flowers that are bigger than their faces. i want to teach them to love books. (and cats). i want that family (and a big one). but just not yet.

 i want to enjoy being a family of two for a little longer. i like sleeping in until noon on saturdays. or spending all day at the pool. i love having random midnight trips to get food. i love that at the spur of the moment, we can go anywhere and do anything.

is that so bad?
am i the only selfish person who thinks like this? (and publicly admits it?)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

besties with testies (not really)

im linking up with bonnie today for Throw Back Thursday: childhood friend edition

it is pretty sweet because my childhood best friend is still my best friend to this day. we met right before we went into middle school because our wards combined. greatest thing ever. at first, we didnt really like each other, because we are stupid judgmental girls. but once we got to know each other better, we clicked and have been best friends ever since. now, i can bore you with a million reasons why she is the best, but instead, i will bore you will a million pictures of our awkward years, aka ages 12-22.

but i will do my best to include embarrassing pictures as to keep you all entertained. please feel free to laugh and poke fun. trust me, there are some bbbaaadddd pictures in here. enjoy.

 ^^^ yes, those are little girl sized dresses.. no we didnt buy them ^^^

 ^^^ oh the glory days before we wore any make-up^^^

 ^^^ gayest picture ever... how did we think we were cool??^^^

^^^ my mom grounded me, so holly went and toilet papered her car for revenge.^^^

thank goodness we have aged well.
love you holly!!! and after not seeing her for 8 months, i get to see her tomorrow. i might cry of excitement.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

makes my soul happy

if you havent seen this yet, watch it. ( there is a surprise in it)
if you have, watch it again because it is THAT amazing.
you're welcome